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Amir Hussein is a trusted broker you can count on to complete a real estate transaction. We will set the goals together and we will achieve them together. Tell me more about your next project!

A very important transaction, like selling or buying a house, need a close follow-up and the necessary tools to optimize it. Amir Hussein will get your back  covered for the best results. Contact me and get the service you deserve.

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Amir Hussein

Reasons why buyers or sellers prefer to work with Realtor

Better Protection

Using the services of a real estate agent means that you are protected by law. In fact, the Real Estate Brokerage Act and various organizations regulate the real estate agent profession, which means that services provided to consumers must be both ethical and competent.

Professional services

Real estate brokers are highly-trained, well-regulated professionals. They must adhere to a code of conduct and professional standards of practice.

Exclusive resources when looking to buy

When you want to buy a property, your real estate broker will assist you throughout each step of the process, up until the documents are signed at the notary’s office.

The right asking or selling price

Your real estate broker can take care of everything during the sale of your property: setting the asking price, information inquiries, call and visit management, property promotion to potential buyers, contract negotiations, etc.